OFFER - 100% Phases Cost Refunded!

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Hello Folks!
Stepping into the 2nd day of InfiGoal's launch it's a joy to bring out new contest and offers for our users. We will be focusing more on organic promotion of the project and as a step towards it, we have our 1st offer LIVE now.

Offer Type :
100% TRX Refund on Phases purchased.

Conditions :
Anyone can claim the refund for their purchased phases as long the following conditions are satisfied.
1. 100% Refund for a maximum of 3 phases to your registered TRX wallet.
2. Should have introduced minimum 10 Active partners to the platform (Partners should have at least purchased activation phase 1)

Are you ready to get started? There is absolutely no time to waste or wait as someone is occupying your slots while you are hesitating to join InfiGoal.
Join the InfiGoal's official Telegram group now : @infigoal_group
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