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Dear User,
Welcome to the InfiGoal Community.

Much excited to deploy the InfiGoal Smart Contract Code on the Blockchain after several testings, workarounds, shastanet deploys etc. after several months of smart and hard work as a team together, we finally set forth our journey to the wide internet space globally.

What is InfiGoal?
InfiGoal is a Smart Contract Matrix Project. Standing out from it's competitors, we have excelled in the Network marketing and Blockchain Technology thereby providing a unique experience in crowdfunding program through a decentralized project. We are not governed by any organization. We are a team of IT enthusiasts who built this platform to open gates globally to people to achieve their lifetime goals.

We have a strong reason on why we chose TRON Blockchain over ETHEREUM's. While we were developing the project, we came across some serious mind blowing facts about TRON. Which is, for a single second, TRON could process over 2000 Transactions while ETH could do just 25. Also the Fee for confirming the transactions is way to high in ETH. Considering all these facts we wanted to provide a very smooth experience to our participants and hence we chose TRON. (Of course there is not much difference between TRON and ETH in terms of how to use them)

What we will be working on further
Major focus shall be promoting the platform world wide using various strategies.
Check our Contests & Offers if you are a YouTuber or a marketer willing to participate in our Earlybird Promotional Offers.

Lets all work together to achieve our goals.
With great Efforts come great Success!
Good Luck!
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